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AJK 2012-2013


The new committee members of the Parent-Teacher Association of SK Setia Alam were elected on the 21st of January 2012 at the Annual General Meeting.

The new members are:

President: Tuan Haji Mat Asis Mahnoon (A unanimous decision!)

Vice-President: Dr. Zamros Yuzadi

Honorary Secretary: Encik Ahmad Dzia Ul-Haq

Honorary Treasurer: Puan Siti Zubaidah

Parents Committee Members (the team is expanded to 7, given the increased number of students of the school and to be in line with statutory requirements):

  1. Encik Azrin Ahmad
  2. Encik Mukrim Haji Abdul Rashid
  3. Puan Malathi A/P Rajalingam
  4. Puan Zarina Abu Bakar
  5. Encik Perabagaran Nadeson
  6. Encik Ahmad Faizal bin Ahmad Azmi
  7. Encik Jashman Abdul Jamal

Teachers Committee Members:

  1. Encik M. Rapi Djaafar
  2. Encik Noramali Seth
  3. Cik Asha Pashini A/P Rajandaran Suppapah
  4. Puan Rahayu Mohd Said
  5. Puan Noor Aliza Jenal

Auditors: Cik Azureen Zolkifli & Encik Jashman Abdul Jamal

All the best to the new team in carrying out the programmes for 2012-2013 – the team will not be able to succeed without the full support of all parents and teachers of SK Setia Alam.



  1. Praba says:

    Hi Team,

    I believe we have a lot of work for this session and lets work together to address thier concern. Cheers and Thanks

    Regards Praba

  2. ezwani says:

    Congrats to the 2012-2013 team, we’ll support you all the way.

  3. Mohd Jamli says:

    Dear AJK PIBG

    Please publish AJK email address especially President and Vice President.


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